After having been in an accident, it is only imperative that you reach out to an Accident Benefits Lawyer. The process of filing for the claim is highly complex and a lawyer will guide you through it. There are a lot of deadlines and little things that one needs to be mindful about. With an experienced lawyer like by your side, you can concentrate on your recovery while they take care of the rest. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about accident benefits.

How often should you interact with your insurance company?

When you are filing a claim for your accident benefits, you need to notify the auto insurer or the accident benefits insurer. At this point, you need to provide them with all the information which will help to support your claim. When there has been an accident, the insurance company will arrange for an adjuster who will interview you about the accident. During the interview whatever you mention to the adjuster would be going on record and going into your claim file. It is crucial that if you have to meet the insurance adjuster you meet them when you are feeling better emotionally and are in the capacity to comprehend what has happened. Before meeting the adjuster, you need to talk to your lawyer about the same and preferably meet the adjustor in the presence of a lawyer.

How do you complete all the forms?

There are several auto insurance forms that you need to fill out when you are filing for a claim of your accident benefits. Once the insurance company has approved the benefits, then you need to fill the required forms with all the needed details. Your lawyer will help you to fill the forms correctly, which will only improve the chances of your benefits being approved.

What to do if the victim is not in a position to make decisions?

In such a situation, a family member of the victim has to take on the responsibility for making decisions regarding the treatment and benefits. This can only be done when the applicant is bedridden and not in a position to make decisions. In this case, the court would be appointing someone who will act as a victim’s guardian.

Can you file a claim if you were at fault?

Accident Benefits can be filed irrespective of which party was at fault. To claim the benefits, you are required to provide your insurance will all the supporting medical evidence. This evidence should prove the kind of injuries that you have, and the sort of treatment you need to undertake for the same.

What can be done if the victim is unable to work or go to school or take care of their children after the accident?

For such cases, there are accident benefits in place, which would be able to take care of the lost income, pay for childcare and even cover school expenses. Your lawyer will help you to figure out whether your insurance company covers such costs or not.

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