How You Can Benefit From The St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

St. Lucia is an independent, Commonwealth country with native Carib people, Africans, the British, and the French. The island is a magnet for foreign investment and enterprise, particularly in the international banking and tourism industries. St. Lucia’s main source of employment, foreign exchange profits, and revenue is tourism, which accounts for 65 percent of jobs, income, and GDP.

Why invest in St. Lucia citizenship?

Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Program is becoming an ideal choice for investors seeking a second nationality and passport for themselves and their families.

With a single, safe investment, you can obtain a passport from a Caribbean island. When compared to other Citizenship by Investment schemes in the region, submitting your citizenship application as a family gro            up can be more cost-effective. Dual citizenship is also recognized in Saint Lucia, which can be useful for business expansion and tax benefits.

Requirements for a St. Lucia citizenship program

  • The applicants must be at least 18 years old to qualify and meet the eligibility of the application.
  • The applicant must be able to make a significant economic contribution to the country.
  • Applicants must make one of the three following investments;
  1. A minimum investment of USD 300,000 should be made in an approved real estate development that must be held for a minimum of five years. Depending on the real estate developer, additional expenses may be imposed.
  1. A minimum investment of USD 3.5 million in an approved company initiative, including the creation of at least three permanent employees. Alternatively, a combined investment of USD 6 million, as well as the creation of at least six permanent jobs.
  1. Making a non- refundable investment of USD 100,000 to the National Economic Fund. The applicant is able to make an investment under any category; applicant only, applicant with their spouse or any other two qualifying dependents. The investment amount can vary based on the category the applicant chooses.

Benefits of Investing in the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

  • Lucia is an independent Commonwealth country with a democratic government modelled on the British parliamentary system.
  • Visa-free or visa on arrival travel to more than 140 countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, the Schengen Area, and the United Kingdom.
  • Enjoy tax relief since St. Lucia has a low tax rate, with no taxes on wealth, gifts, inheritance, foreign income, or capital gains.
  • It is not necessary to travel to St. Lucia during or after the application process. There are no residence restrictions as well.

How can the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program benefit the applicant’s family?

  • As long as they are completely supported by the applicant, applicants can now include eligible dependents aged 30 or younger in the same citizenship application.
  • Parents of the applicant or parents of his or her spouse who is above the age of 55 can now be included in the same citizenship application if the applicant can completely support them.
  • Under the same citizenship application, an applicant’s unmarried sister or brother who is under the age of 18 can also apply for a second passport. To proceed with their application, they will require the permission of his or her parent or guardian.
  • Dependent parents of any age who are physically or mentally challenged and who are fully supported by the applicant can now be included in the same citizenship application as the applicant.
  • A physically or mentally challenged child of the applicant or his or her spouse, of any age, who is fully supported by the applicant, can also be included in the same citizenship application.

To Conclude

If you want to apply for citizenship by investment in Saint Lucia, you must do it through a government-approved agent. At Carte Blanche, we have supported and accompanied a huge number of families from across the Middle East in obtaining their second citizenship and St. Lucia passport.

Invest in a second nationality and passport to safeguard your family’s future. Get in touch with us at Carte Blanche now to learn how a St Lucia citizenship and passport for you and your family can completely transform your life.

Rodney McFadden