The Role of the Police Report in a Personal Injury Case

You may get injured because of the carelessness of someone else. For instance, an auto accident can make you injured and cause injuries and losses. If you are planning to file a claim because you need to pay the medical bills, you should hire one of the top-rated personal injury lawyers. He will guide you on how you can make another party pay for all the expenses. Many a time, the claim gets rejected because of the lack of evidence. One of such documents is the police report. Let’s discuss how it can make your case stronger than ever before.

Calling the police on the spot

One thing, you should be doing after receiving injuries due to an accident, is calling the police. The officials will come and investigate. They will record the statements of people involved, witnesses, and contact details of people. If you don’t have a police report at the time of filing the claim, it is likely to get rejected on the basis of a lack of evidence.

Obtaining the police report

You are entitled to receive the police report after the accident. All you have to do is to contact the law enforcement agencies. They can provide you with this document without any problem. You may have to pay a little or no fee to obtain this copy. It is suggested to keep it with you if you file a claim or lawsuit. This is the first evidence showing that you were involved in an accident.

Identifying witnesses and the at-fault party 

It may not play a vital role in court because the judge may look at other facts while giving the verdict. However, during the informal settlements, this document can show the statements of various parties to establish the liability. For instance, in an auto accident, the police report may reveal that the driver was violating the traffic rules. It will help establish the facts of the accident such as date, time, accident, weather conditions, and others.  

The police report will make a great difference for your attorney if you want to strengthen your case. It will help you because it can give you the contact details of the people present at the accident spot. Your attorney can get in touch with them and get their statements.

If you are not clear about how to get a police report, your attorney will be able to do it on your behalf. 

Russell Solt